Car Game XL

Truck Loader 2
    Use your truck to pick up and deliver the crates
Snow Truck
    In the rugged terrain of snow, only one truck can truly navigate without any problems, the Snow Truck! Using your keyboard, make sure the truck can get from start to finish in as little time as possible. Watch out for the ridges, as too much speed will cause the truck to tip or fall and you'll run out of chances!
Mario Truck
    Help Mario with transporting his fruit. And are you also able to collect all coins without losing your fruit ? Good luck! Control: Arrow keys to drive
Flintstones Truck
    you need to bring all kinds of rocks from side to side in this room. But becareful with transporting the rocks, you can't lose any.
Monster Hummer
    Race your Favorite Hummer on challenging mountain tracks.To clear every stage you need to be very careful against the challenging rocky surface and use your skills wisely to avoid crashing, as you have limited lives. In your way collect the points to increase your Score. Have Fun!
Monster Car Challenge
    Monster challenge is all about braking the speed limit and doing daring stunts no one has done before. Jump over the most crates and ride over them , to daring roundabouts and flips in your quest to catch the annoying helicopter. Drive your monster truck like a pro and collect all the coins on the way to upgrade it to an impressive monster car only you can drive. But getting the first 100 bucks is not an easy task you have to finish one of the most difficult courses out there and with the money collected tune your monster. Can you handle collecting all the cash and finishing the level without stumbling on the many crates scattered to your inconvenience? Its time to find out and to prove your driving abilities in the one of a kind monster car challenge. There is no stopping a pro like you and the helicopter is like a sitting duck.
Monster Race 3D
    Grab the wheel of an off road beast as choose your favorite monster truck machine in 3D. Race in wild areas while performing extreme jumps! Bring it on as you go for the highest score ever, do you have what it takes to drive a monster vehicle?
Crazy Monster Wheels
    Get ready for a adventure of your life with the crazy monster wheels. Drive in a was ridden area and own up to the challenge with your armed monster truck. Shoot the bombs scattered along the way and avoid tipping over and loosing health. The batter you are at shooting the bombs the batter your chance of survival. Learn to drive and maneuver the gun at the same time since you cant really slow down to much or you will lose velocity and you wont be able to climb the steep hills around the war zone. Remember if you don’t make it quick to the other end you will be cough and killed. So Put on your war helmet and get ready for a rumble on the war zone. There is nothing like having your life at meters length with these new generation highly deadly explosives. So get behind the wheal and show a pro driver like you can drive in any conditions.
Extreme Trucks Part 2: USA
    The trucks are bigger, faster, stronger! Test out the new red wheels in the extreme conditions of the North American deserts.
Extreme Trucks Part 1: Europe
    Power trucks over extreme obstacles!. The tracks of Europe as expected are the toughest areas to drive on. Take part in the extreme trucks driving venture. The game has good graphics and music to make the game even more interesting.
Earn to Die 2012
    You have crashed in the zombie filled desert and must reach a gas station or die. Earn money to improve your car and see how far you can get before you're out of fuel. WASD controls.
Hummer Rocket Launch
    This game is all about war and you are equipped with a war hummer. The hummer has a rocket launcher you will be using at the end of each level to finish them. Learn to master the art of war in this fancy vehicle built for destruction and drive over tanks, cranes and worn down cars in this city of doom. Have fun shooting the hummer rocket launcher at the end of each level and destroying the targets way up ahead with precision. Do impressive car flips and don’t let anything in your way stop you in this race for might and power. You have eight entertaining levels to develop your true war captain potential and destroy all the enemy objectives in your way. Be a hero and crush all the despicable enemies with each level. Your campaign zones are set in the war tron city and the hot and dry desert
Monster Jam Destruction
    Crush cars, trucks and gas stations. The more you destroy, the more you earn and unlock new trucks
Futuristic Tractor Racing
    Its now time to have real fun with futuristic tractors. If you ever wonders what its like to drive far out tractors in alien colonies now you have the opportunity. You have 8 fun levels and five different tractors of which 4 are for you to win. Each tractor comes with its own unique specifications and you will have to choose which one works best for your style. This game is a blast for any versed driver being rather fun and entertaining than hard. You will drive past funny looking mountains and futuristic buildings, flanked by windmill parks and never seen before plants. See how many coins you can collect wile keeping yourself ahead of the game and also make sure you collect more of the tokens your car needs most, like for instance some tractors may need Nos whilst others may need damage resistance or fuel. Either way just make sure you don’t miss out on the original futuristic scenery and enjoy
Extreme Trucks 2
    Crazy monster truck game. Arrow keys to drive.
18 Wheeler Double Cargo
    Here you can play 18 Wheeler Double Cargo. 18 Wheeler Double Cargo is one of our selected free online games.
Demologic 2
    You are in charge of a wrecking truck. Smash the red blocks and the evil statue to win. Earn more points by hitting the stars. USe the arrows or WASD to move your truck.
Pimp My Monster Truck
    Play Pimp My Monster Truck on - It's time to customize your lean mean monster-truck machine... Click through the decoration options to pimp your ride—which happens to be a revved-up monster truck. Get it polished up for the next big race!
Dune Buggy
    Perform stunts to earn points, but beware of the hazard filled levels
Wood Cutters Havoc
    Modern technology has made your job as a lumberjack much easier. You're used to lugging around heavy lumber and hacking it to pieces, manually, with an axe. But, nowadays, you start your day by climbing behind the wheel of a powerful woodcutter, capable of cutting and transporting lumber faster than any human ever could. As a result, you're raking in the dough and have become the town's primary source for wood. But, more customers mean more work. You just received a huge order for wood, and it's going to take a lot of work if you're to fill the order by the deadline. Use your skills to navigate through the forest in search of trees. Then use your powerful machine to harvest the lumber and deliver it to the specified location to earn points in this fun online driving game for kids! Follow the in-game instructions and use your keyboard to harvest and deliver wood for cash!
Bulldozer Mania
    Delivery rocks to the other side. Control: Arrow keys to move
4 Wheel Madness 3
    4 Wheel Madness 3 is a truck game which relies on physics to progress through to the end. The fight occurs when attempting to get to the finish line as quickly as possible but without taking too much damage so be quick using the arrow keys. You will be prompted along your way to make decsions so do not hesitate to much otherwise your game will end sooner than you want it to.
4 Wheel Madness
    Brace yourself for some 4 Wheel Madness! Race your way to the finishing line as fast as you can, driving over challenging bumps, and dangerous obstacles! Be careful though, the path won't be easy for you in this deadly driving game! Fortunately though, you'll have power-ups along the way to aid your ride... providing you have the skill to grab them!
Ultra Truck Racing
    Ultra Truck racing is a great blend of collectibles game and racing game. The both produce a great fast paced game play. In this game a rabbit will be on your truck to collect different things. Control: Use mouse to play this game.
Monster Truck Smash
    Monster trucks are all pumped up to race against each other. Smash the obstacles in your way and compete with other rivals in 10 tricky tracks. Choose your truck from 4 different trucks and win all the levels, and make a high score dont show mercy destroy all the objects glass barrels or any thing just smash it ahhhh...
Bigfoot Truck
    Race away in your fearless Bigfoot truck and take the golden cup for each of the 24 adrenaline rising levels.
Truck Toss
    How far can you go?
Truck Loader 3
    Another game in the truck loader series! Move the objects around with your truck
Truck Loader
    Load the lorries with your amazing magnetic truck. Good luck!
Truck Loader 4
    Move boxes onto the truck using the mouse to control the loader and its magnetic arm in this fun puzzle game.
Super Awesome Truck 2
    Super Awesome Truck 2 is a 2D side scolling driving game. Your goal is to drive this Super Awesome Truck over this rough terrain and collect as many stars as possible on the way. For extra points do awesome 360s (there is no risk to your car as it doesn't crash when flipped!). There is 20 levels to complete, but once complete make sure you go back and try and get 3 stars in all the levels.
Truck Launch Maniac 2
    Use the arrow keys to launch your truck from the ledge and go as far as you can. The further you go the more experience you get, and the more you can upgrade your truck.
Monster Truck Destroyer
    Go on a path of mayhem. Destroy everything!
Ben 10 Xtreme Truck
    Ben 10 is back with a super truck and ready to drive it to kill some monster. Help ben 10 drive the truck home in this long journey where roads are full of monster.
Monster Truck 3d Reloaded
    It's time to put your driving skills to the test. Get behind the wheel of this monster truck and drive through the courses as quick as you can. Control: Arrow Keys to drive
Crazy Monster Truck
    If you consider yourself an parking expert then try our-20 Parking game. You drive a white supercar and you have 30 leveles of hard parking spot in which you must park your car without any scratch.
Ambulance Truck Driver
    Drive as fast as possible to the patients location and transport him back to the hospital carefully, trying not to injure him even more. Get insurance payouts for each successfully transported patient and upgrade your ambulance van when you can.
Santa's Delivery Truck
    Now it is the time to deliver presents, but the roads are not as smooth as the sky. Help Santa deliver all the presents in time, otherwise the children will be very sad
Top Truck 2
    the ultimate stunts truck game just got better! reach the end of the level in the time limit! don't crash! don't miss the brand new zombie mode!
Truck Mania
    Get your truck to the delivery point without wrecking it..
Big Truck Adventures 2
    Play Big Truck Adventures 2 online in your browser.
Ambulance Truck Driver 2
    Pick patients up without injuring them too much, as you race your ambulance over rugged terrain in this keyboard controlled obstacle racer.
Mad Truck Challenge
    Pick up bonuses and perform funky stunts using the arrow keys to keep your balance in this cute 2D obstacle racer,.
Havy Tow Truck
    Tow Truck company hired you as a tow truck driver. During your trial period do everything to prove you can work in this company. Your job is to tow different vehicles, boats, tractors from one location to another. Do it carefully but as fast as possible. Control: Use Arrow keys to drive SPACE for brakes and M to look at map.
Big Truck Adventures 3
    Drive your off-road jeep. Get to the checkpoint as fast as you can.
Monster Truck Trip
    Customize your Monster Truck and race through desert and over cars and other obstacles while keeping balancing your truck. Get more points by collecting stars along the way.
Bart Factory Truck
    Bart needs to deliver all kinds of items, but beware this is not an easy job. Be careful you don't lose too much stuff otherwise you won t make it to the next level.
Heavy Tow Truck 3
    Here you can play Heavy Tow Truck 3. Heavy Tow Truck 3 is one of our selected free online games.
Crazy Truck
    Complete all levels in the crazy monster truck game!
Monster Truck Jungle Chal
    Your mission is to explore the forest behind the wheel of an off road truck. The road is full of rocks, boxes, trees, bombs and mines. Be careful to get to the finish without damage the truck to much. Smashing boxes will slow you down. Use your canon and shoot all the obstacles. Collect ammo and life bar on your way to fix your car and make it in 8 insane levels. The brown bomb will kill you if you step on it so shoot it from far away. The flying mine will take some of your life so tray to shoot them in order to survive. Win the levels and unlock the other 2 off road trucks. Have a blast!